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Fund Administration

Fund Formation

Our services include:


  • Assistance with initial fund formation

  • Review of all documents including memorandum, and investment management agreement

  • Access to a network of contacts to lawyers, auditors, brokers.

  • Assistance in setting up a bank account

  • Support in fund license application 

Fund Accounting & Valuation


Our services include:


  • Fund Accounting in accordance with the Fund's governing documents 

  • Preparation of Annual Report for Fund

  • Record investment activities, expenses and fees

  • Capture & reconcile bank movements

  • Maintenance of Anti-Money Laundering data for investors 

  • Net Asset Value Reporting

  • Independent portfolio pricing and monitoring where possible

  • FATCA/ CRS Reporting

Investor Reporting


Our services include:


  • Maintenance of Share Register

  • Review and process Fund Subscription & Redemption

  • Track Investor Capital Calls and Distributions

  • Investor Communication

  • Deliver Confirmations and Investor Statements per Fund's governing documents

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